We are immensely proud to introduce our self as an innovative manufacturer and supplier of Flush Doors, Laminated Doors, Decorative Veneer Doors, Fire Retardant Doors, MouldedPanel Doors etc. These quality products offered by us under the name “WESTERN”, trusted &reliable brand for many satisfied users.Formore than a decade, we havebeen involved in manufacturing superior quality doors. With manufacturing strength &advanced technology our company has passed certificate of Bureau of IndianStandard.

Flush Doors

Flush Doors are manufactured as per Indian Standard IS 2202. A Solid core Flush Door consist of block board core construction with cross band and face veneerbonded with phenol-formaldehyde (PF) synthetic resin by hydraulic hot-process method under high pressure and uniform temperature which makes our Doors structurally strong and dimensionallystable.

Fire Retardant Doors

We are among the few Fire Retardant Doors manufacturers. These doors are widely used in construction of highrisebuildings. Advance technology &chemicals are used in manufacturing of these doors. We also have a technology of mineral heat insulator to increase fire retardation.

This Product is available in three specification.

• 30 minute Fire RetardantDoors

• 60 minute Fire RetardantDoors

• 120 minute Fire RetardantDoors

30 Minute FR Door

Specially chemically treated cross band + face veneer 5 to 6mm thick layered on both side.

60/120 Minute FR Door

Mineral heat insulator and chemically treated Cross band + face veneer 5 to 6mm thick layered on both side.

Laminated Doors

Our another key product is Laminated pressed on Flush Door under specially designed press design machine usingPVA / Melamine resin. Since this Doors laminated with high-tech machines, its durability &finish is far better than those laminated manually by carpenters, also manual lamination process is Laborious &time consuming. We also provide freedom to our customers to have their own choice of laminates available in themarket.