After years of research survey and feedback from Architects, PMC, Turnkey Firms, Applications and Clients, going through various designs and test carried out in our in house R&D testing facility by our design and development team WESTERN FRAME profiles design and technical specs were finalized. We at WESTERN take pride in presenting the unique cross wave design (design applied) for the WESTERN FRAME profile range. By the induction of the unique CROSS WAVE DESIGN in WESTERN FRAME profiles, we have achieved much stronger and light weight profiles which have higher load bearing, greater tensile and bend strength in light weight base metal thickness profiles, thus being able to present to our customers an economical, light weight, string, endurable, false ceiling framing system.


  • Cross wave design
  • Greater thickness to strength ratio
  • Higher tensile and bend strength
  • Higher BMT to load bearing ratio
  • Greater screw retention
  • Enabling low cost light weight
  • Sturdy frame work

(Available In Customized Length)